kHeavyHash miner Antminer KS3

Antminer KS3

The Antminer KS3, it mines 9.4 TH/s on the kHeavyHash algorithm and uses 3500W.

Daily Mining Revenue For The Antminer KS3

Power usage per day at $ / kWh
Payback time with this power price

$ 5.88
132 Days

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30 Day Average Mining Revenue For The Antminer KS3

Machine Description

About the Bitmain Antminer KS3

On May 16th 2023 Bitmain officially announced the Antminer KS3 on their Twitter page. This short description will take a look at this first KASPA mining machine from the famous ASIC manufacturer.

Release Date

With an expected release date in Q3 2023, the KS3 boasts impressive features, including 8.3TH hashrate, 3200W power consumption, and an energy efficiency rating of 0.38J/G. These specifications are likely to position the KS3 as a popular choice for miners seeking to tap into the potential of Kaspa.

More Information

When compared to its recent counterparts, the Iceriver machines, the KS3 is anticipated to be more efficient and profitable. The higher hashrate and lower power consumption of the KS3 mean it can mine more coins while consuming less electricity, making it an attractive option, especially for those with budget constraints. On August 21st Bitmain announced the KS3 would actually be supporting 9.4TH/s at 3500W instead of the earlier advertised 8.4TH/s at 3200W.

This miner will need a 220v setup to run. Please consult an electrician if you don't have a power setup for this voltage.

Historical Antminer KS3 Prices (Excluding Shipping)

* Shows price history for the last 180 days on the 9.4 TH/s model

Device Specifications

  • Manufacturer

  • Maximum Hashrate

    9.4 TH/s
  • Power Usage

    3500 Watts per hour
  • Power Efficiency

    372.3 J/TH ± 5%
  • Release Date

    August 2023
  • Mining Algorithm

  • Cooling

    Air Cooling
  • Input Voltage

    220~240V @ 16A